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Business IT Support Services

Here at PC Posh, our mission is to provide high quality, professional, purpose-driven business IT solutions to whatever technology problems your business might face. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a newly formed home office; we understand that your business’s best chance of continued success relies on ensuring that you have the right tools for whatever jobs you take on. These days, the most powerful and capable tools we have are our computers. We depend on them functioning quickly, accurately, and reliably across a wide array of tasks from financial management, scheduling, security monitoring, and more. This is why it is so critically important to maintain the integrity of the systems we’ve all come to rely on.


Inventory Management

The goal of any growing company is to have far more work than the owner could do alone. In order to meet the demands of the workload employees are brought onboard. They are trained, and empowered with all the necessary skills, tools, and legalities they need in order to help carry the company further. This part of things tends to be rather straight forward… What’s not so simple is how to manage your growing inventory of tools. Tools such as cellphones, laptops, mobile hotspots, networking equipment, and more. For example: Joe decides to leave your employ and you neglect to collect Joe’s laptop. Your company ends up taking a rather expensive hit to it’s overhead. Not just the cost of the laptop, either; programs and sensitive data represent financial investments that Joe just walked out with.


PC Posh has the experience in large IT inventory management necessary to help safeguard both your sensitive data as well as the financial investment you made in your systems.


Fleet Deployment

Many growing businesses tend to seek outside consultation on what systems to buy. We can help with that. We will work with you to assess your needs, budget, and goals in order to formulate an Acquisition Plan. That Acquisition Plan will be designed to deliver the best possible mixture of capability, reliability, and serviceability for your budget.


RFID Solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identifiers) fall under the NFC (Near Field Communication) family of products and services, and offer a wide variety of use to your business. Imagine simply tapping a business card to a client’s phone in order to be added to their contacts. How about being able to identify company property without the need for stickers or bar codes? Many businesses have also incorporated NFC devices into their security infrastructure as means of keyless door control, credential protection, and access restriction.


While RFID and NFC might not be for everyone, we here at PC Posh are happy to provide consultations in order to find what works best for you and your business.