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Professional IT Service: Minus the Smoke & Mirrors

Our mission is simple: Treat our customers like human beings while providing the highest quality service at the best possible value. What does this mean to you? It means you can expect accurate quotes, timely and reliable service, and that any questions you have will be answered to your satisfaction. It really can be just that simple.

Work or Home

Whether you're a multi-million dollar federal contractor or a retiree on a limited income - we're here for you with a wide array of services ranging from diagnostic and repair, to preventative maintenance, custom coding solutions, and more.

Help when you need it

In most cases, an experienced PC Posh technician can be on site at your home or business within as little as an hour.

Requesting Backup

If you need a service that isn't confidently within our wheelhouse, so to speak, we're not going to waste your time or money trying to figure things out as we go. Instead, we've got a huge network of highly qualified, vetted professionals in almost every industry from graphic design to audio mastery.
  • “Extremely knowledgeable, but never made me feel dumb. I wouldn't trust my computer to anyone else.”
    - J.D. Bass, Fairhope
  • “I tried calling [one of the big box store's techies] when I needed help getting my TV working again. They would either give me confusing directions over the phone or tell me they could send someone out for almost a hundred dollars an hour, and I just can't afford that. Then I heard about PC Posh and James came out that same day, fixed my problem almost instantly. He even spent half an hour showing me what went wrong and making sure I knew how to fix it in the future. He was very sweet. But the best part was that he only charged me gas money and gave me some of his cards in case I needed him again. Since then, he's been my first call when something goes wrong.”
    - Cheryl Rogers, Crestview
  • "I run a small design company and can't really afford the contract fees the big, corporate IT companies want. But we use our computers for everything we do, so PC Posh has been an absolute blessing for helping me keep my doors open whenever something goes wrong with our systems."
    - Ron Williams, Pensacola

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