• Diagnostic
    You don't know until you know, you know? If you're having a problem, let us figure out why so we can find the right solution.
  • Repair
    Whether it's a simple malware removal or replacing parts that didn't survive the most recent gulf coast thunderstorm; you need someone you can trust. 
  • Service Plans
    Most small businesses don't need a full-time Systems Admin; but they still need reliable support and routine maintenance.
  • Networking
    It doesn't matter if you're looking to share a printer or setup an entire fleet of VPN connected workstations. We've got you covered.


Diagnostic is a service we provide all of our clients. It may sound like a simple concept (because it is), but we've found that far too many people in our industry are fans breaking out the heavy artillery for every little problem. Sure, completely replacing your equipment is a pretty good bet towards solving most problems, but nothing was really "fixed" that way, was it? 

By the end of our diagnostic procedure we'll be able to provide you an accurate quote, timeline, and plan of attack. Best of all: If you end up choosing us  for your service - your diagnostic is free.
Seriously. Free.

We actually fix things.

We would like to think we can fix anything that runs on electricity. And while that isn't always the case, we trust you'll find that our library of repair knowledge covers most anything from appliances to video game consoles. Gone are the days of having a specialist service contractor for your company's printer because your IT guy "doesn't do printers". 
A Service Company that fixes things... Imagine that.

Service Plans

Do you want your business to have the peace of mind that comes from having it's own IT department but you can't justify the cost of additional full-time staff? We had situations just like yours in mind when we made our PC Posh Service Plans. They're designed to not only provide critical preventative maintenance, but also help cover any issues that might come up and impact your productivity.


Whether you're talking about a home network for entertainment and school work, or a fleet of business workstations - each device has been trusted with a job to perform. Let us make sure all of your devices are communicating safely, securely, and reliably. 
Things are better when they "just work"

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